• 15.02.2019Filtration for WTW Neumünster

    Filtration for WTW NeumünsterThe WTW of the city of Neumünster has been improved by a new filtration system with a special textile filter media. Six lines with a total capcity of 4.400 m³/h will be installed to replace former installations. De.EnCon acted as General Contractor, responsible for the contstruction works, the supply of machinery, frp and stainless piping, instrumentation, all mechanical and electrical installations as well as the commissioning of the new system.
  • 04.02.2019Water Teratment for GUD Power Station

    Water Teratment for GUD Power StationThe GUD powerstation at Bremen, operated by GKB, replaced their unsufficient flocculation system. The new process uses Veolia's Actiflo treatment and produces up to 550 m³/h of clear water. The new equipment has been integrated in the existing building. All works have been executedt without interruption of water supply.
  • 03.01.2019Process Water Treatmen GRASIM India

    Process Water Treatmen GRASIM IndiaAs part of a new production site of textile fibres at GRASIM India, a new river water treatment has been supplied. The plant is designed as cold lime softening to remove hardness, turbidity and natural organic matter (NOM). De.EnCon supplied all major equipment and supported installation and commissioning. 
  • 15.12.2018BMBF Research Project

    BMBF Research ProjectDeEnCon has qualified to take part at a BMBF research project together with IWW Mülheim, OOWV Brake and other Partners. A pilot plant with various process steps has ben developed, manufactered and is operating for the reuse of wtw effuents. The plant is situated at the WTW of Nordenham and delivers different water qualities taking into acount requirements for industrial and agricultural applications.
  • 05.12.2018Reverse Osmosis for Cooling Water Supply

    Reverse Osmosis for Cooling Water SupplyThe new Volkswagen factory at Wrzesnia (Poland) has been equipped with a two-line RO plant for cooling water supply. The whole plant was mechanically and electrically prefabricated and tested at De.EnCon prior to the installation in Poland. Therefore the local installation time could be reduced to less than two weeks.
  • 06.11.2018AUDI AG - Industrial Waste Water Recycling

    AUDI AG - Industrial Waste Water RecyclingThe major contract for the construction of a turn key industrial waste water recycling plant is nearly completed. The process uses physico-chemical treatment incl. sludge treatment, membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis.The comissioning took place 2016. Today the plant will be extended by a new filterpress for sludge dewatering.
  • 07.10.2018BOSCH Waste Water Recycling

    BOSCH Waste Water RecyclingSince 2015 the sanitary waste water of the BOSCH Reseach Campus at Renningen is treated successfully with a membrane bio reactor plant, supplied by DeEnCon. Inbetween the plant capacity has been extended by 30%. Nowadays the plant will be optimized by new pump technology and activated carbon filter for colour removal.